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Iditarod Trail for in class goal setting

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Iditarod Trail for in class goal setting

Postby erma on Wed Mar 31, 2010 6:16 pm

For those teachers who use Iditarod as a teaching tool during the race, you might try using it to track other goals. For example, if your classroom goal is to sell $300 in magazines or complete 10 vocab units, you can make your starting point Willow, sketch out a likeness of the trail on your board or on paper, and make your ending goal Nome. If the kids exceed their goal, you can start tracking them back toward Willow or cut over to the other trail (even years are northern and odd years are the southern routes). You can have some doggy fun hitting the check points along the way and even use some of the in-race awards as incentive (EX: "First to the Coast" gets extra library time). The students can take on the names of their favorite mushers or lead dogs. Just an idea for some off-season fun.
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