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National Anthem

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National Anthem

Postby Karen Brown on Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:16 pm

Would it be possible for someone to ask the moderators of the Restart to not talk during the National Anthem? I have a classroom susbscription to the Insider and plan to show the Restart tomorrow in my classroom. I will make certain to start the program after the anthem, but the students may still access it when they work on the computers doing individual Iditarod assignments. They have been taught to respect our flag and our country's national anthem. Even my husband, who is in no way connected to education, was shocked at the talking!
Karen Brown
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Re: National Anthem

Postby saltybird on Sun Mar 07, 2010 5:19 pm

[color=#0040FF]Thank you Karen, for bringing this up. Too often during a sporting event the sportscaster thinks what he/she has to say is so important it CANNOT wait until after the anthem is over. At least teachers who heard this will be able to explain, again, how to respect the flag and our national song. Too bad NBC didn't listen to the people who emailed them every time they yakked through a national anthem duringthe Olympics. It was quite disrespectful.[/color]

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